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De 7 beste Wordpress plugins voor bloggers.
Een plugin is een stukje software dat een aantal functionaliteiten bevat, die je kunt toevoegen aan een WordPress website of blog. WordPress plugins zijn geschreven in de PHP programmeertaal en kunnen makkelijk geïntegreerd worden met WordPress. Als iemand een bepaalde functionaliteit wil toevoegen aan zijn/haar WordPress website, dan zegt men vaak Er is een plugin voor dat!
Blog Plugins: Top 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins 2017.
For example, if you have deleted an old post or someone has typed in a wrong URL of your blog then he or she will be automatically redirected to your WordPress homepage. In my opinion its a plugin that every blogger definitely needs.
Blog Designer Post and Widget WordPress Plugins.
Display Grid and slider on same blog page. View DEMO PRO DEMO and Features for more informaition. Try our new WordPress Themes. This WordPress plugin contains 2 shortcode. 1 Recent Blog Posts Slider/Carousel. 2 Post with Blog Post Grid View.
Blog Designer WordPress Plugins.
Will Blog Designer work with my theme? Yes, Blog Designer will work with any WordPress themes, but may require some styling changes to make it compatible. If you are facing any compatibility issue with Blog Designer plugin then please contact us at Support Forum.
Plugins: de beste Wordpress-plugins op een rij
Contact Form 7: het ideale contactformulier voor je blog. Hoewel veel themes tegenwoordig een standaard conctactformulier leveren, wijk ik er standaard vanaf. Wordpress 22 juli 2015 2. Jetpack: wil je deze plugin nu wel of niet installeren? Jetpack; het is een veel besproken plugins onder bloggers.
20 WordPress Plugins for a More Powerful Blog.
Believe it or not, we dont use a plugin for that! Our theme designers built the bios right into the template code. WordPress SEO by Yoast. Many SEO experts would recommend you grab an SEO plugin for your WordPress blog.
24 Impressive Blog Plugins You Should Consider.
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WordPress Blog Plugin WordPress Online Support.
Below screen shows output of blog widgets. None: WP Blog and Widget plugin is created with custom post type and it create a BLOG Pro menu tab in your WordPress admin side. If you are looking for plugin that work with your WordPress existing Post, please use our plugin Blog Designer Post and Widget.
WP Blog and Widget WordPress Plugins.
By WP Online Support. WP Blog and Widget plugin add a Blog custom post type, blog widget to your WordPress site. WP Blog adds a Blog tab to your admin menu, which allows you to enter Blog post just as you would regular posts.
15 Best WordPress Plugins: Essentials for Every Blog.
Great list of wordpress plugins. As we all know that plugins are the real power of wordpress and every wordpress blogs are incomplete without plugins but choosing the right plugin for a blog is the toughest thingThanks a lot for the great list of wordpress plugins.

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